All aspects of the tender production

Tender Writing Consultancy services win contracts for small businesses.

Public sector tenders operate with fixed deadlines, clear rules and follow regulations, therefore, the consultancy service ensures every submission is completed on time. Every tender meets the clear requirements of the bid and complies with all aspects of the legislation.

Because the daunting part of the process is finding the time to complete a detailed response. Therefore, we ensure that you manage the time effectively, establish systems to collect information and have the resources to present a winning bid.

We ensure that you complete the tender in a timely and professional manner. Therefore, when accessing the Consultancy service, the team aims to establish systems, processes, and resources that create success.

The concept is simple – based on the philosophy – “Teach a person to fish” our team works alongside yours to develop the most competitive submission.

Tender Writing is an advanced form of selling. The real art is understanding the buyer’s needs. Our tailored support enables your sales team through (not exhaustive):

  • In house tailored training, coaching and mentoring;
  • Audit of current tender writing processes,
  • Improve systems and processes to increase win rates;
  • Assistance with portals and communications;
  • Opportunity Analysis (Bid/No Bid);
  • Opportunity Administration and management;
  • Bid preparation;
  • Compliance: Financial, Policy, Technical & Statutory;
  • Guidance on public sector process and expectations;
  • How to challenge a decision and creating an appeal.

Outsourced Tender Writing Service

Our professional expertise focuses on all aspects of the tendering process including:

  • Identification of all tender requirements;
  • Interpreting requirements and developing a “win strategy”:
  • Applying the given weighting to the strategy and content
  • Creating document content
  • Creative, effective presentation tailored to the specific requirements
  • Completion of covering letter and executive summary
  • Full document analysis
  • Quality Assurance

When you outsource the whole or part of the tender writing our team leads the process. Therefore, this creates the consistent message, high-quality content and clear winning strategy.

Because we ensure that you “Buy” only the services you require, agree a fixed price, and produce competitive, winning tender responses! you can plan and cap your spend on each opportunity.

24 hour Service

We are open to businesses every day of the year and our services are available for any organization that has a deadline looming. This includes all public holidays and festivals. Short notice tenders are generally deadlines within seven days.

Also, where a business requires urgent help to complete the tender documentation in time (48 hours).  Consequently, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for this service.  Contact us is by phoning us directly or using the contact form on our website. 

For out of hours contact, please call or SMS +44 (0)7766738799

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