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I wrote my first article on charity governance over 30 years ago and things don’t seem to change much. Introducing our Governance review service.

A local community-based charity asked for help. The Trustees needed to understand their role.

Initially, the focus was on roles and responsibilities. However, the real issue was the Trustees were not allowing staff to do what they thought should be done.

Two trustees were asking difficult questions.

What is the role of a Trustee?

The role is explained in the Charity Commission publication “Charity trustee: What is involved?”

Point 2. Comply with your charity’s governing document and the law

I asked for a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association. No one had a copy.

Consequently, who knew what they were doing?

The Review Process

There are four stages to my review

  • Objects
  • Powers
  • Process
  • Evidence of compliance

The outcome challenged the whole Charity.

Consequently, none of them knew the original objects of the charity. They hadn’t looked online and they certainly never thought to ask for a copy.

However, instinctively they knew that they were collectively and individually accountable.

Drawing the Line

This style of review leads to real change. Therefore, this empowers and enables. Subsequently, fundraising suddenly becomes easier, and management more effective.

Use this support to draw the line under poor practice. Enable and empower the charity and serve the community you were set up to serve.

Contact me for more information about the Governance Review Service.

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