Small Business Sales Teams

Access to the right tools

Generating a customer base is a real challenge. The crowded marketplace requires skilful nurturing. So once a business has some momentum the lightbulb moment, “hire salespeople”.

A good salesperson is worth between 10 and 20 times their salary. So it is a great idea.

Generating leads

Interviews over and the salesperson starts on Monday, “they’ll know what they are doing” is the recipe for disaster.

Three things need to be clear:

  • What they are selling
  • Who they are selling to, and
  • Who generates the leads

Often I support businesses who think that from a standing start a sales team can generate new leads from old contacts, you are lucky if that is the case.

So here is the first simple tip #1 – agree that all leads wherever they originate go through the sales team.

markptrotter 2019 “why sales fail”

This has been reinforced by recent experience, a fast growing business introduced sales people but the central office took all enquiries and they responded to opportunity. Building the confidence in your team requires just one simple rule – “Our Sales Teams do the selling!”

It has to be a business mantra. No one would send an office administrator to fit a gas boiler of build an extension, but the work comes through the office and is scheduled for the skilled staff to complete. Selling is described as an art, however, it is really a finely tuned set of tools.

Build Sustainable Relationships with your Sales Teams

Like every member of your business they are expected to pay their own way. For sales people set achievable targets, reward immediately and demonstrate the respect you have for their specific skills.

Remember “Cold Calling is very hard” the best people at that are Jehovah’s Witnesses because they have spent years training to achieve one result. So don’t expect from a sales team results that struggle because you haven’t created the strong infrastructure.

Problem Solving Sales Teams

From personal experience as a sales person and as an employer I am convinced that if you give the team a challenge and let them solve it you have identified a recipe for success.

Selling is fun, pressurized and rewarding, when you are good it is great! However, when the sales aren’t coming in you don’t need reminding. As a business owner look at what the support is achieving.

In a recent example I noted above have just got through 4 sales people each one having to build from scratch. The fifth has been supported by the 4th who has just left. Remember when the first point of call doesn’t pass on the enquiry the sales team can generate the leads and someone else closes the deal.

It is a small business failing.

We are moving out of the economic restrictions, there is a world to do business in so set you sights high, venture into new markets and never be caught relying on the NHS to treat your work force.

It is time to insist on private health insurance as one of the perks of your terms and conditions.

Protect the NHS by leaving it for those who can’t afford access to private healthcare.

Sales Point

My business is focused on growing other businesses. Creating the infrastructure and generating income that ensures development and progress. Call or fill in the contact form

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