Self Movitation – Setting Achievable Goals

All of us can set our own goals. However, setting Achievable Goals require something more. Motivation!

How Self-Motivated Are You?

Examine the approach of the self-starters, self-motivated and dynamic people in your network. Do they have common traits? Their work rate, drive, and focus. However, not all achieve their goals. To achieve the next goal they require direction Achievable Goals . It is an interesting problem.

Self-motivation is often a gift. As a result it is requently under used and often abused.

The description of “self-starter” or “self-motivated” links to the energy an individual brings to a job. However, there is more to self-motivation.

Consequently, self-motivation does not a guarantee that a person achieves goals!

Self-motivation pushes us to get things done.

The Caveat

The constant work to complete tasks can appear to be a success. But look at a fly at a pane glass. It is doing a lot, but all that effort is energy wasted until someone opens a window or it dies of exhuastion.

Self-motivated people burn-out because of their working environment.

So the real issue, how much of the energy we bring to a task, job or problem is wasted. Focus on your achievable goals.

The principle lesson we learn from the Fly: understand our environment! Know where you are. Appreciate the barriers and focus on the goal.Motivated

Wanting to do something, understanding how to and then motivating yourself to do it, are completely different things.

Therefore, develop the environment that encourages achievement and rewards the individual’s ability to make things happen.

Understand Self-motivation

Consequently an article in the Mindtools Newsletter  was published few years ago it introduced me to a Self-motivation tool. Introducing the subject with these words:

“Describing this as the force that keeps pushing us to go on – it’s our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward. When you think you’re ready to quit something, or you just don’t know how to start, your self-motivation is what pushes you to go on”

“So, how self-motivated are you? We’ve put together a short quiz to give you a better understanding of how self-motivated you are. After the quiz, we’ll discuss some specific tips for improving your self-motivation, so that you can achieve still more in your life.” Mindtools

Try the Self-Motivation Quiz 

Take this test online by visiting 

Concluding remarks

Self-motivation is a positive in life!

Harness this skill in business.

Therefore, learn to channel self-motivation. Use this as the key to achieving goals, preserving energy and development.

When “I’m really busy”, check that you! Ask about use of time, the focus and environment.

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