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January 2019 Newsletter

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The process of Holistic growth and development requires a nurturing approach. Therefore, we provide support, training and development tools for business.
Nothing functions well in isolation. Plants require light, soil and food. Businesses require information, organisation and strategic management.

The Business world changes, managing that change is challenging.


Contract Rules set for Change


Leaving, staying or delaying bidding for business contracts is set for change. The UK is set for a raft of legislation. The nonsence of media presentation is difficult. The key point is whatever happens your business needs to be ready to develop and grow. Leaving things to the last minute creates the stress that crushes growth.


Therefore, Business owners must prepare for example:- business processes, policies and practices to win competitive contracts. Or new labour rules and immigration checks, also WTO requirements on transparency. Whatever it is get ready now and drive the development.


Winning requires knowledge, effort, commitment and innovation. This article explains why!
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Ontogeny in Business

Whole Business growth is an aggressive approach to systems development in an organisation.
Analysing complete performance, strategically addressing change, resulting in sustainable development.

Bid and Tender Writing

Total package of Bid and Tender Management services.
Outsource to Experienced Bid Directors and Managers lead the process. With our writers support throughout the whole process.
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Document Management

Managing critical business documents enhances operational performance.
This London Masterclass is designed for improving audit transparency, delivering open systems using all media and enabling senior staff access to key documents.
10% for Subscribers


Organisation is the keyInformation, Organisation and Preparation are essential to continuous growth and improvement.

Continue to explore how managing change and programmed development enhances business readiness, competitiveness and success.

Contact Mark to discuss how Ontogenesis applies in your business.

Our services include the successful Competitive Bid and Tender Writing Services, we contiue winning contracts with small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

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