Social Care Tenders

It seems to be about the money

The Social Care Tender writing team has successfully supported more than 50 small and start-up care providers. Therefore, working with the experienced tender writers business owners are winning local care contracts.

Working With Us

The first step is to contact Kuljeet or Mark, via the link. We will contact you to arrange a personal call.

Our bespoke service ensures that your business receives the support required, this includes preparatory work for Care Quality Commission registration.

Social Care Focus

Our experienced team understands the meaning of person-centered Care; outcome measures and how to use this information when linked with the specification.

Often every contract looks good and the opportunity is a means of securing income when viewed at face value. However, understanding that to secure a place on the Dynamic Purchasing System is only the beginning.

The competitive mini-competitions require clear evidence, current data, and examples of competence. Therefore, working with our team ensures your business has the information in the right format.

Common Issues

The reality is often that we are competitively bidding at the council’s fixed rate. This is often below the market hourly charge.

The example that springs to mind, the National Care Association in the publication “2019 Social Care Briefing paper”, the authors noted that:

The result being that Local Authorities feel comfortable commissioning complex care at unrealistically low prices – a patient in an NHS facility with assessed care needs costs the state over £2000 p/w but on discharge the commissioner will expect to purchase the same care in more homely surrounding for about £600 per week. Clearly, there is a disconnect between what we pay for care!

This is reflected at a local level when the “real cost” is compared to the price paid.

Consequently, the expectation is that more Not for Profit providers will enter the marketplace. However, Not for Profits must at less remain ahead of the “breakeven point”. Therefore, every provider needs to know the real cost of their care package, consolidate local provision and adjust care packages to the local area. Our team enables you to create that flexibility.

Understanding the Cost of Care

Our experienced care sector project managers ensure the key measures that reduce overheads and unavoidable cost centres are applied.

Therefore, we examine work processes, the greatest efficiency in all service provision remains to “meet the need as it arises”. With the right systems, cost centre care management improves competitiveness.

However, this requires business discipline and a responsive approach.

A delays cost time and money, therefore, maximise your communication tools, understand how to ensure your client need to contact your team, armed with the up to date information the next visit is successful in meeting that need.

Effective communication tools add value to the offer and therefore, reduce the face to face time a client requires.

Access to assistive technologies is often understood to be the answer to prayer, however, access to additional community support is where the real added value occurs.

Our Offer to Social Care providers

About to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)? Contact

Planning to respond to Dynamic Purchasing System or contract opportunity? Contact

Seeking to win more mini-competitions? Contact

Our social care setup tools enable you to gather the right evidence, provide information on the level of experience and competence. This includes how to calculate your “real” hourly rate, project income based on knowledge of the sector funding and contracts. Our team of experienced project manager ensures you are ready to tender.

We ensure that you remain competitive and we will help you through the first tenders as part of the tender readiness process.

Win Contracts

To win the strategy is simple:

  • Preparation
  • Clarity
  • Cost sensitivity
  • Realistic plans
  • Let your work speak

The team is successful in working with start-up businesses and established care providers. Because, these business tools are designed to streamline the tender process, consequently simplifying contract arrangements and therefore, ensure competitiveness.

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