Bid and Tender Writing

Winning Bid and Tender Writing

The Bid and Tender Writing  service focuses on the whole writing process. Clients outsource the content to our skilled Bid Writers.

The initial piece of work is a standalone project. Establishing the essential elements of the Bid Management tools required> For example:

  • Opportunity sourcing
  • Document Library
  • Buyer profile
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Compliance, competence and capacity data
  • Evidence testing
  • Images, charts and graphics
  • Workflow tools
  • Research information, strategies and standards
  • Audit tools – proof of outcome measures

A Winning Service

Why bid and tender for Public Sector contracts? Because it makes sense!

Compare: (based on analysis completed for company operating int he Sout West of UK)

Sales target set at £1,000,000 pa

Traditional structure:

Bid and tender writing

Cost: £110,000 plus bonuses, vehicles and equipment. Annually

Return on Investment against Target: 250 business appointments generate £850,000 to £925,000 annually

Introducing outsourced Bid Writing Team
Target £1,000,000 pa
Engaged for 12 bids valued at £3,600,000 a win ratio of less than 33%
Average bid cost £2,400 x 12 = £28,800
All contracts 5 years duration.
Return on Investment against target: 12 bids complete in 6 months.
5 contracts won with an annual value £1,900,000 for 5 years with the option of 2 further years.


Face to Face sales remains an essential business tool, however use bid and tender writing services to boost the development of the core services. 

The company listed above kept the Sales Team and added 2 Bid and Tender Writers. 

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