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B2B Marketplace Bids

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Keeping it simple B2B Marketplace Bids

B2B Marketplace Bids products and services meet specific needs of Business Owners.

Therefore, B2B Marketplace Bids achieves marketplace growth and development for businesses.

Additionally we create:

  • effective market penetration analysis;
  • detailed response
  • campaign preparation
  • an excellent bid library and
  • clear information management tools.

How B2B Marketplace Bids work

MS Office 365 hosts our client and document management resources and primary contact is maintained through active conversations using Teams. This includes:

  • Live Chat
  • Meetings, scheduled and spontaneous
  • Shared calendar – task and deadline management
  • Document storage,
  • Document control, therefore, establishing
  • Quality Management System
  • Content streams – forms, templates and productivity

Bespoke templates, policy updates and existing content review are enhanced by the direct working environment.

Therefore, complete the New Client Set Up and ensure you are bid ready! Likewise, your business is mapped to Public, Private and Not for Profit sectors.

What happens B2B when we need more support?

Public Sector buyers and procurement teams require specialist information, for example, cashflow projections and project mobilisation plans. Therefore, the technical content requires the in put of a specialist, an accountant, or project Quantities Surveyor. Consequently, B2B Marketplace Bids makes that connection from the network of personal contacts.

Therefore, we ensure the specialists has worked with the team, proved their competence and supported our clients with a high quality services. Consequently, we recommend only those with expertise.

Additionally, our extensive links with the professional bodies ensures that the selection of support comes with the appropriate industry, sector endorsement.

What does B2B Marketplace Bids offer?

  • Full Bid and Tender Management services
  • Bid Writing
  • Opportunity Sourcing and qualification
  • Templates
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Case Study management
  • SSIP registration and likewise
  • Quality Management Accreditation

The list covers some key elements of responding to competitive tender and bid writing opportunities. Therefore, for more information contact us

  • Establish the winning habit!
  • Sustain success
  • Demonstrate competence
  • Focus on quality
  • Compete to win

Therefore, our customers and clients are the experts in their chosen service, however, B2B Marketplace Bids are experts in winning tenders and contracts. Contact us

How do we know we are good?

  • 35 years experience of bid and tender management
  • 40 years of bid writing
  • experience as a buyer ; also
  • experience as a supplier
  • massive project wins over £200,000,000
  • average contract win values £150,000 to £500,000
  • hundreds of small contracts won, additionally
  • Value for money for every £1 spent we target £300 return

B2B Marketplace Bids is focused on winning new contracts.

In conclusion, our bidding process keeps your bid competitive, relevant and dynamic.

B2B Marketplace Bids winning performance is built on your business skills and our technical competence.

Contact us for a conversation about your business needs.

Additionally follow the Blog – for advice, tips and great practice

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