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Ambition drives small business therefore our determination is to provide the service that continues to fuel your business success.

In 1994 the Procurement world changed. Tragically the UK Market did not prepare for it. In 2021 the UK Government are attempting to level the access pathway for small suppliers. 

B2B Marketplace Bids has an Ambition

The Ambition? To increase the total value of the contracts won by Small and Medium sized Enterprises. So B2B Marketplace Bids has designed products and services to develop winning tender submissions.

Since 2008 Mark Trotter has been working directly with businesses of all sizes and sectors as an Independent Bid Consultant and freelancing with some of the UK’s leading Agencies. 

In July and August he is inviting Business Owners to access the 2 framework applications for the price of 1. The service creates a template and document management system for competitive bid response management. Therefore, operating the fixed price sets up: 

  • Procurement Portals 
  • Bid Qualification Process
  • Opportunity Sourcing 
  • Standard Selection Questionnaire 
  • Case Study Templates,  and
  • Evaluation system


We manage the whole Bid Process, as a result we use Office 365 and Teams in a unique way. Therefore, Contact us for more details

What’s New? 

Bid and Document Management Service – subscription £15 per month ( get a month at no cost by paying £165 annual fee). 

What does it include?  

  • Full Document Management system and version control
  • Bespoke Opportunity Search and Qualification – we find the opportunities for you
  • Regular Procurement Portal updates 
  • Case study management
  • Pricing support – Calculate the real cost of your services 
  • Policy Updates 
  • Quarterly Tender Competitiveness Reviews
  • Access to sector specialist bid writers, business development support and 

And 15% discount on all additional services, manuals, training and content. 

Why work with B2B Marketplace Bids? 

Our Ambition is to win contracts for your business. The average cost of our competitors Tender Writing Package is £3,000 and upwards plus VAT per bid. Save at least 50% on that sum. 

That is to say we keep our costs down, charge affordable prices and win business for clients. Interested? then call or contact the team, we’ll get right back to you. 

In conclusion, small bid or large the preparation deserves attention, winning requires preparation, planning and organisation B2B Marketplace Bids provides an experienced Bid and tender management team, an extension of your business at a fraction of the cost. 


Meaning =

  1. a strong desire to do or achieve something.
  2. desire and determination to achieve success.

Our intention and determination is to achieve the success your business is growing for. 

Key performance indicator 

  1. Return On Investment – typically calculated based on average service cost 

                                                Service = £1,500

                                                Target income = £150,000

                                                Gross ROI = 9900%

      2. Opportunity Qualification – We search for opportunities, qualify the potential outcome and prepare the bid.

Consequently, this ensures that you only receive the opportunities your business is looking for. Give up the daily sifting of  portals and alert services, our team takes the strain, sorts the results and calculates the win potential.  

Outcome  – Stay ahead of your competitors outsource your bid management department. 

Information Point – to complete a Standard Selection Questionnaire takes a skilled bid writer under 2 hours – that includes checking. Therefore, pay for the answers to the technical questions.

Contact us for cost of form filling 

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